ISS - Intelligent Screening Solutions, Inc

About Us

Intelligent Screening Solutions (ISS) is rapidly becoming an emerging leader in critical investigations, screening, and security support services. Since our inception, we've assisted companies of all sizes government agencies, and individuals to reduce their risk exposure and uncover fraud and illicit internal activities.

With headquarters in Colorado and operations in multiple locations throughout the United States, ISS offers comprehensive solutions to our clients to support their operational needs. We safeguard client interests, assets and employees through proactive and retroactive methods including scrutinizing financial documents and accounting practices; performing comprehensive investigations; screening domestic and foreign-born job candidates, vendors, and partners; protecting individuals and assets; and refining and implementing important security procedures.

Our investigators work with the most current investigative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and exercise the highest levels of discretion. They are masters at uncovering and interpreting vital data while adhering to top standards of legalities and good business practices.

As a result, you can more effectively manage risk, losses and security and ensure the people you rely on - including permanent or temporary employees, job applicants, agency or contract staff and potential sub-contractors - really are exactly who they claim to be. Trust ISS to be uniquely positioned to offer customized investigative, screening and security services to meet your organizational or individual specific needs.