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Client Specific Background Screening



Large Business Solutions

ISS understands the needs of large multinational corporations who require straightforward screening solutions to manage the entire screening process across numerous locations both domestic and international. We have the technology and expertise to help even the largest corporate entities meet their global hiring needs. With our Applicant Tracking System that works seamlessly with our background screening system, candidates can apply for positions and if needed, be processed through the background screening process without requiring any data input by your HR Professionals. We also provide account set-up with multiple levels of notification and security, and you can order services and notify decision-makers in remote locations with the touch of a button.

Features for Large Businesses
  • Fully integrated applicant tracking system
  • Customized web-based solutions
  • Competitive Volume-based Pricing
  • Multi-jurisdictional notification and security
  • Imdustry-leadimg turnaround times
  • Dedicated Account Reps
  • International Screening for multinational corporations